Mould Remover Get rid of the mould


Mould in the kitchen and bathroom? Get rid of it, quickly and sustainably! The Cramer Mould-Remover removes powerfully and effectively all types of mould, mildew stains and bacteria. It can be used on all washable surfaces such as ceramic tiles, joints, masonry, ceilings, wood, glass and plastic. It has a bleaching and disinfecting effect, while at the same time protecting the surface to be treated. That’s the way it should be.

Mould Remover

Product Information

Order Number

CRA 30471 EN


Mould remover


Washable surfaces such as tiles, joints, masonry, wood or glass

Customer's Benefit

Safely removes mould, mildew stains and bacteria
Immediate effect with active chlorine
Has a bleaching effect (brightening)

How to use

Spray the product at a distance of 5-10 cm generously over the entire surface. Leave on for at least 15 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. For silicone joints with black discolourations repeat application if necessary. However, joints with strong discolourations are frequently leaky and it is recommended to replace them.


Product-related intense smell of chlorine, ensure good ventilation during application.
Product has a bleaching effect; protect skin, clothing and surrounding from splashes.
Do not spray on metals, textiles and plants.
Discolouration may occur on tiles with damaged glaze.


Storage at +5° to 30°C, minimum shelf life 2 years


Spray bottle 750 ml