Acrylic/Mineral Cast Correct cleaning & care

Acryl-Star, Mineral-Star


High-quality acrylic and mineral cast (mineral composite) bathtubs and basins require special care. Improper or even abrasive detergents affect the brilliance and shine of the acrylic and mineral cast surface and it becomes dull and matt. Our Acrylic/Mineral Cast cleaning and polishing paste removes ugly discolourations, stains and limescale from these surfaces and polishes the surfaces at the same time, due to its novel formula made of specific detergents in combination with polishing compounds. Just recommend the Cramer Acrylic/Mineral Cast cleaner to your customers, if they want to “Spring Clean” their bathroom.

Acrylic/Mineral Cast

Product Information

Order Number

CRA 30200 EN


Acrylic/Mineral Cast


Cleaning and polishing compound to gently remove limescale,
discolouration, dirt deposits and minor scratches.
Ideal for intensive cleaning and spring cleaning


Acrylic, polyester, mineral cast and fibreglass surfaces

Customer's Benefit

Gently cleans and polishes the sensible surfaces
No need for additional polish for removing minor scratches
Concentrated cleaning compound
Gentle on the skin, pleasant scent

How to use

Cleaning: Rub a hazelnut-sized amount of paste on the wet surface with a moist sponge, rinse with warm water, rub dry.
Polishing: Polish the cleaned surface to a high gloss with the intensive cleaner and a soft, wet cotton cloth until the desired shine is achieved. Time required for a palm-sized surface appr. 3-5 minutes. Precaution: Test on an inconspicuous area first!


Precaution: Test on an inconspicuous area first!


At +5° to 30°C, minimum durability 5 years


Paste 100 ml

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Frequently Asked Questions

» How to remove scratches on acrylic?

We show you how to easily remove minor scratches on acrylic bathtubs and washbasins. You only need a soft cloth, water and the Cramer Acryl-Star.

» May other material / surfaces also be cleaned and polished?

Good results will also be achieved on stainless steel and natural stone. Please refer to the recommendations given by the manufacturer and first try for compatibility in an inconspicuous place.