Acrylic-Cleaner For brilliant moments

CRA 30211


Acrylic shower trays and bathtubs are rapidly growing in popularity. They feel warm and smooth – but their surfaces are also very sensitive. Keeping the brilliance and gloss of an acrylic bathtub requires a specifically gentle care. The Cramer Acrylic-Cleaner has been developed exactly for these delicate and glossy surfaces. Without difficulty the cleaner removes limescale, soap and dirt deposits and through its beading effect provides lasting protection if applied on a regular basis. With our Acrylic-Cleaner all acrylic surfaces will keep their original brilliance and shine.


Product Information

Order Number

CRA 30211 EN




For daily cleaning and care of sanitary surfaces


For all acrylic surfaces in kitchen and bathroom as well as for fittings and jets made of chrome and stainless steel

Customer's Benefit

Preserves brilliant acrylic surfaces
Dirt-repellent through beading effect, antistatic effect
Eco-friendly and bio-degradable

How to use

Spray cleaner on a soft and damp cloth or directly onto the surface to be cleaned,
rub in well and allow to work briefly, then rinse with warm water and rub dry


Do not spray on hot surfaces!


Storage at +5° to 30°C, minimum durability 10 years.


Spray bottle 750 ml

Frequently Asked Questions

» May other material / surfaces also be cleaned?

Good results will also be achieved on mineral cast and solid surfaces washbasins. Please refer to the recommendations given by the manufacturer and first try for compatibility in an inconspicuous place.