Bath Care Cloth Correct cleaning & care


More and more people today prefer gentle household cleaning methods. At the same time, the demands of customers have increased, especially in the sanitary sector. The baths should be one hundred percent clean, but the precious, expensive surfaces should not be scratched or damaged. The solution is literally obvious: in the form of the Cramer Care Cloth. In combination with our highly effective Cramer Liquid Cleaners, which are adapted to the respective sanitary surfaces, the best results can be achieved. This has not only been proven in numerous tests – the sanitary expert now also likes to use our Bath Care Cloth.

Bath Care Cloth

Product Information

Order Number

CRA 40303 EN


Care cloth


Cleaning and care of sanitary surfaces


Ceramic, enamel, acrylic, mineral cast and solid surface, chrome, stainless steel, mirror and real glass

Customer's Benefit

Gentle and thorough cleaning
Scratch-free on sanitary surfaces
High absorption capacity for dirt and residues
Very good water absorption
Practical size, washable at 60 °C
Ideal in combination with Cramer Liquid Cleaners

How to use

Wash out care cloth before first use, always use cloth moist.
Wash out any dirt particles regularly. Do not exert high pressure during application; first check for compatibility with new surfaces


Do not use on hot surfaces!
Use detergent and laundry net for washing.


1 care cloth 40x40 cm