Mirror-Foam Cleaning and care for all mirror and glass surfaces

Cramer Spiegel-Schaum Reiniger


A mirror only serves its purpose when it is clean. Unfortunately exactly that‘s the problem, because many manufacturers exclude the use of glass cleaners in the care instructions of their mirrors. The reason is corrosion at the edge of the mirror. That happens when the liquid cleaner runs down the surface and then affects the silver coating from behind. This can be avoided with the Cramer Mirror-Foam. The potent foam is solid and therefore does not run down the surface and it is simple to use. Apart from it´s „mirror-friendly“ composition avoids any trouble, just in case… Cramer Mirror-Foam – that your mirror remains the fairest one of all!


Product Information

Order Number

CRA 30410 EN




Cleaning and care for all mirror and glass surfaces


Mirror surfaces (silver- or chrome coated), uncoated glass,
toughened safety glass. Versatile use also on other
surfaces (e.g. upholstery, synthetic material, metal)

Customer's Benefit

Potent foam with high cleaning power
Simple application, solid foam
Material-friendly composition
Pleasant scent
For a brilliant shine free of streaks

How to use

Spray cleaner on surface, apply evenly,
rub dry with an appropriate cloth.


With new surfaces first test for compatibility!


At +5° to 30°C, minimum durability 10 years


Aerosol-Spray-Cleaner 400 ml