Repair-Spray Performance coating for the Bathroom

Cramer Reparatur-Spray


With the Cramer Repair-Spray you can quickly and inexpensively rework minor damage in kitchen or bathroom. This spray is especially well-suited for repairing blemishes in bathtubs, wash basins, shower trays or sinks. It can also be used for washing machines, refrigerators or other coatable appliances around the home.


Product Information

Order Number

CRA 17xxx EN




For repairing minor damage, scratches and blemishes.


Enamel, ceramic, acrylic, metal, powder-coated and painted surfaces

Customer's Benefit

Spraying instead of painting for an even coating
Cost-effective repair
Original sanitary colours
Supplement spray for the Repair-Kit
TÜV certified quality

How to use

Prepare surface, sand and spray


For chip or impact damage we recommend to use our Repair-Kit.
Do not use concentrated or abrasive cleaners on the repaired areas. No acrylic polish containing alcohol, nor disinfectant agents or organic solvents should be used either. Do not use on cooking utensils. Heat-resistant up to 60°C.


Storage at +5° to 30°C, minimum durability 3 years.


Aerosol-Repair-Paint 50 ml in sanitary colour

Sanitary Colours

002 pure white
005 star white
010 edelweiss matt
080 european white / alpin white
200 pergamon
210 indian ivory
222 jasmin matt
250 bahama beige
480 curry
500 whisper pink
621 creta
650 bermuda blue
710 ägäis / aguamar
850 manhattan

Frequently Asked Questions

» Which white is the correct one?

Unfortunately, there is no standard for sanitary colours as e.g. RAL or Pantone colours. On the basis of the original colours by the manufacturers we try to find the best fit with our colours. In case your bathtub is not older than 15 years then the correct colour should mostly be alpine white 080 (a grey white, nearly light grey). Most of the time older bathtubs are more white. In which case the best colour will be star white 005. Tip: Put a white piece of paper in your bathtub. If the color of the bathtub seems to be darker (more grey) then your bathtub is alpine white. Nearly 90% of all produced bathtubs are alpine white. Other white hues which are offered are mainly export colours which are rarely used in Germany.


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» The sprayed colour is too light, do I have the wrong colour?

The repair paint darkens when drying. The final result will only be reached after approximately 3 hours.


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