Touch-up Stick For mending minor damage

Cramer Reparatur-Lackstift


A tiny blemish in your wash basin or an ugly scratch in a tile are very annoying and always stick out like that one grey hair on your head. With our Touch- up Stick such damage can easily be removed. The Stick is especially suitable for ceramic, enamel, acrylic, metal and powder-coated or painted surfaces. Your customers will no longer grow grey hair because of these blemishes.

Touch-up Stick

Product Information

Order Number

CRA 15xxx EN


Touch-up Stick


For mending minor damage, scratches and blemishes in kitchen and bathroom Also suitable for replacing missing glazes at the edges of tiles


Ceramic, enamel, acrylic, metal, powder-coated and painted surfaces

Customer's Benefit

Quick and easy application with paint-brush
Application of multiple layers possible
Various colours accurately matched to the original sanitary colours
TÜV certified quality

How to use

Prepare surface, shake stick and paint


Keep stick upright when opening.
Do not use on cooking utensils. Heat-resistant up to 60°C


Storage at +5° to 30°C, minimum durability 5 years


Performance coating (12 ml) in sanitary colour, including paint-brush

Product Video

Sanitary Colours

002 pure white / appl. white (US)
005 star white
010 edelweiss matt
080 alpine white / plumbing white (US)
200 pergamon
205 biscuit (US)
222 jasmin matt
250 bahama beige
850 manhattan
890 black

Frequently Asked Questions

» Do I need the Repair-Kit or a Touch-up Stick?

Minor damage can be repaired with the Touch-up Stick. In case of bigger chipping or deeper impact damage we recommend the repair with our Repair-Kit.

» The repair paint is too light, do I have the wrong colour?

The repair paint darkens when drying. The final result will only be reached after approximately 3 hours.

» Which white is the correct one?

Unfortunately, there is no standard for sanitary colours as e.g. RAL or Pantone colours. On the basis of the original colours by the manufacturers we try to find the best fit with our colours. Mostly the correct colour should mostly be alpine white / plumbing white 080 (a grey white, nearly light grey). Only a few bathtubs are more white. In which case the best colour will be pure white / appliance white 005. Tip: Put a white piece of paper in your bathtub. If the colour of the bathtub seems to be darker (more grey) then your bathtub is alpine white / plumbing white. For nearly 80% of all produced bathtubs alpine white / plumbing white is the best match for a repair.


» Can I mixed the colours to tint them?

Yes, you can mix and tint the paint of the various Touch-up Sticks. Please note, that the paint darkens when drying.

» May the Touch-up Stick be used for cookers or cookware?

The Touch-up Stick is heat resistant to 60 °C. Cookers can be repaired in areas where no higher temperatures will be reached or where there is no direct contact with food. The repaired surface is not food resistant. Therefore cookware cannot be repaired.