Silicone-Profiling-Kit 5 Grouting with guides

CRA 40405


With the Cramer Silikone Profiling Kit all standard sealants can be processed more easily. Cleverly attached guides help bridging intersections and prevent any subsidence when working these intersections. With this tool even complex and challenging jointing works become a child’s play. Here the unique technique of grouting without a separating agent also takes effect, thus notably minimising the danger of mould forming underneath the joints. Additionally the profiling tool allows for simply reworking blemishes without removing the existing joint.

Silicone-Profiling-Kit 5

Product Information

Order Number

CRA 40405 EN


Silicone Profiling Kit 5


For renewing joints in kitchen and bathroom


All smooth, rough or corrugated surfaces

Customer's Benefit

Optimum adhesion prevents mould from forming underneath
Time saving as no masking needed
Includes guides to bridge intersections easily
Simple grouting in small sections
Blemishes can easily be repaired
Multiple usage due to 8 different profile shapes/variants
Suited for all sealing compounds/caulking material

How to use

Apply sealing compound, select form of required profile an pull


Cleaning: remove remaining sealing compound with a kitchen towel


5 profiling tools with 16 different shapes and 2 guides