Rotating silicone nozzle for hard to reach areas


Technically, it‘s not a secret science. With a little practice, anyone can draw a straight silicone joint in the bathroom. If it weren‘t for the hard-to-reach corners and edges – behind or under the WCs and washbasins, narrow spots on water pipes or radiators. A conventional cartridge nozzle can quickly reach its limits at angled joints. The 360° nozzle was developed precisely for this purpose. It is easy to turn in any direction and thus creates the possibility to apply sealing compounds cleanly and evenly at the seemingly most impossible places. 

Rotating silicone nozzle

Product Information

Order Number

CRA 40420 EN


Rotating silicone nozzle


Processing of sealing compounds, even in hard-to-reach areas


All smooth, rough or corrugated surfaces

Customer's Benefit

360° continuously rotatable cartridge nozzle.
Easy sealing of hard-to-reach corners and edges.
Enables even and clean silicone joints.
Variable handling, supports ergonomic working.
The screw cap delays the drying out of the sealing compound in the cartridge.
Nozzle tip with 45° cutting marks, easy adjustment of the application quantity.
For all common plastic cartridges with coarse thread.

How to use

Unscrew nozzle, define application quantity, adjust angle and apply sealant. Close the nozzle after use.


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